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Planet Ark Endorsed Products

At Planet Ark we recognise that you may want a bit of help in choosing more environmentally responsible products.

Planet Ark supports a limited range of 'greener' products. Planet Ark supports these products because they have met with certain environmental standards. They must offer a more environmentally responsible alternative to the commonly used products that are on the market, while still being a good, quality product.

Aware Laundry Powders

Aware Laundry Powders are garden friendly and environmentally safe.

Orange Power

Due to the choice of quality, natural ingredients and low probability of human health or environmental impact, Planet Ark has endorsed the majority of Orange Power cleaning products.

Philips Lighting Australia

Philips Lighting Australia distribute energy saving Compact Fluorescent Lamps which save up to 80% of the energy wasted by conventional incandescent globes.

Safe Toilet Tissue

Safe Toilet Tissue - 100% Recycled paper.

Toyota HSD

Planet Ark endorses Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive to encourage 'greener driving' by the mass market.

Unite Automotive Window Film

Unite window film from Motor One is capable of rejecting 50% of heat energy, reducing the need for air-conditioning.