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Onya Bags

Onya Backpack © Onya

Planet Ark endorsed Onya products until 2013 for their environmental benefits. Reducing our use of plastic check out bags is an important step in the march towards a sustainable future. Each plastic bag you don't use represents resources saved and these can be put to good use by future generations of Australians.

20 million Australians currently use 4 billion plastic bags annually, which means over 10 million new bags are used every day, or that we each use 200 a year. That's a bag habit!

You can learn more about more sustainable shopping habits here:

On average, the material used in each Onya Bag is made from two recycled 600ml PET bottles. The toggles and carabiners are made from recycled materials as well. Recent LCA reports* demonstrate the lower environmental impact of reusable bags when replacing single use HDPE bags.

Based on this data, Onya’s use of recycled PET material for bag construction; and the design, which encourages behavioural change through inclusion of a handy clip-on device, the Onya bag range is endorsed by Planet Ark.

You can contact Onya Bags in writing, over the phone or online:

Onya Bags
PO Box 8
South Fremantle  WA  6162

PH: 08 6397 1782







* LCA Reports

Comparison of existing life cycle analysis of shopping bag alternatives. 2007 LCA evaluation by Hyder Consulting. Available online from Sustainability Victoria. 

Environmental impacts of shopping bags. A report for Woolworths Limited 2009. Produced by the Sustainable Packaging Alliance Ltd (RMIT).


The Planet Ark arrangement with Onya with respect to endorsement of Onya Bags has now expired.

This page was updated on 29 April 2013.