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Pure & Green Organics

Pure and Green © Lucy Band

Pure and Green group product shot © Lucy Band

Used by most Australians on a daily basis, personal care products are primarily based on petrochemical and other synthesised ingredients with a small component of plant-based ingredients. They are primarily packaged in a range of petrochemical based plastics.

Pure and Green Organics offer a range of personal care products from soaps, shampoos and toothpaste through to facial and bodycare products that are free from synthesized ingredients.

The vast majority of Pure & Green Organics ingredients are from plants eg, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. These are renewable and readily biodegradable raw materials. Other mineral ingredients such as salt are from sources that are sustainable in the volumes extracted.

Pure & Green Organics do not use petrochemicals and other synthesised chemicals in their products. The vast majority of ingredients used by Pure & Green are organically grown and the finished products are Australian Certified Organic. To achieve this certification, a minimum of 95% of each product's ingredients must come from organic sources.

Using organic ingredients ensures that synthetic chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides were not used in the growth or production of those ingredients. This reduces the level of harmful chemicals used in the environment as well as reducing the environmental impacts of the production of these chemicals.

Other ingredients, of conventional origin, are from sustainable, well-managed sources. Finished products are labelled with a bud logo from ACO, which ensures the high organic content of products (min 95%).

The plant and mineral derived organic ingredients are sourced from Australia where possible and in some cases use native plants. Waste streams from higher-grade sources (e.g, food grade) are used for cost savings and reduce resource consumption. For example, the coffee beans used are the irregular shaped beans that would normally be composted rather than used in drinking coffee.

Products are concentrated to reduce the environmental impacts of packaging production, transport and disposal. Pure & Green use recycled, recyclable and compostable components where possible. Innovative elements include recycled paper content, recyclable plastics and bio-plastics for liquid products.

Planet Ark Endorsed Pure & Green Organics products are now available from selected retail outlets, health-stores and online, visit


The Planet Ark arrangement with Pure & Green with respect to endorsement of personal care products has now expired.

This page was updated on 29 April 2013.